Rema Marketing is a truth movement organization with a difference. Rather than shining the torch on the development of the new world order agenda and only taking bits from the Bible as we see fit, we actually believe 100% that the Biblical world view is the correct lense by which we can properly interpret and understand the events of today. We also believe the New World Order cannot be overcome by a "rise up in arms revolution" because the Bible makes it clear that the New World Order system will only be truly overthrown at the Second coming of Christ. Therefore we inform not to create a violent revolution, but a spiritual revolution, where by being informed, people will be more aware of the importance of their spiritual standing and ready for the coming of the Messiah.


Our Global Watch Weekly online magazine is committed to focusing on current events which have major prophetic influence. This includes looking into some of the biggest controversies to engulf the modern day such as the transition to a cashless society and micro chipped population, the relevance of the rise of Islam and its prophetic significance and the significant dangers of transhumanism and its impact on sciences such as artificial intelligence and genetic engineering.  Please remember to sign up to our membership as its free and there is so much more we will provide you for being a member of one of the internets fastest growing truth disclosure communities.

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